6th Annual YHLS Event

May 2024  |  Miami, FL

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Such a Privilege!

It was such privilege to speak at YHLS, there's arguably never been a more important time for industry to engage with the government. Thank you for the great discussion, the other incredible speakers I got to learn from and everyone that I met. The future is bright!

I met a new Best Friend!

Conferences for me mean having 27 meetings back to back in a lobby or hotel bar and never making it to any sessions, it was so cool to participate in an intimate and tailored event and actually learn. 

My cup is Full!

My cup couldn't be more full and I couldn't be more inspired after this year's conference! Here's to take all of our learning and continue focusing on making an impact in the communities we serve! 

New Format to Maximize Value  

Sunday Welcome Night

7 - 10pm 

Casual Kickoff Conversations


8:00 - 9:00am Registration

9:00am - 3:00pm


Impactful Main Stage Panels

Celebrated Breakout Sessions

Lunch Provided


Optional Tour Experiences


Official Welcome Experience



9:30am - 3:30pm


Impactful Main Stage Panels

Celebrated Breakout Sessions

Lunch Provided

*NEW* Community Impact Startup Competition

Travel Home or Optional Dinner Experience 




6th annual YHLS Event: Young Health Leader Summit, for everyone committed to supporting those who are up next! 


Monday and Tuesday in May 2024

(exact dates TBD)

Miami, Florida


Leaders from Hospitals, Health Plans, Health Tech, Pharma, and more. Executives, MHA Students, Physicians, Nurses, Directors +

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Organizations are made up of people, and we do everything we can to put those great people in front of other great people for mutual benefit. Health tech company needing hospital service line leaders? They're here. Health Plan looking for startups specific to an aging population? That too. We're serious that the only way to a healthier future is "Together". Thank you for being part of this like our 2023 attendees featured below