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Our Commitment to Students

Being a student is hard. You've got a job or jobs on top of classwork, tests, and the ticking time bomb of student loans #yuck. There's the stress of finding internships, 1st jobs, and watching some of your classmates live your dreams. We remember the feelings well. That's why we promise to use every resource in our power to put you on a path you feel great about. Maybe it's in a hospital. Maybe it's in consulting, at a health plan, health tech, or maybe you choose to change things up altogether and be a dentist (probably not). Whatever it is, we want to help you find what you truly care about, and then help you make a meaningful difference while getting paid for it. And also having awesome benefits, unlimited PTO, and snacks. Lots of snacks.

We've been fortunate to attract some incredible friends, from CEOs of major health systems, to Forbes 30 under 30 listers to physicians and nurses and students like you. Now, our friends are your friends and we're all in the pursuit of a healthier future together. Let's go! 

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Building Everything We Wish

We Had As Students


✔️ Imagine telling your dream job you helped raise $50k and developed a project to impact Social Determinants of Health in a job interview. 

✔️ Connections to leading social impact entrepreneurs, executives, and capital to make a real difference in Healthy Food, Affordable Housing, and Happiness for a more equitable future.

✔️ Resources to find and align your purpose/passion with your day job responsibilities. 


✔️ Modern Resources for Resumes, Interviewing, Negotiating, and more. Created by recent and current leaders in the roles you want!

✔️ There's actually 20% less hospitals than 20 years ago, and we help connect you with all the roles growing outside of them - from Best Buy to Amazon, Peloton, Cityblock and more. 

✔️ Leadership opportunities to put your stamp and unique skillset into building something new. 

The Kindest Collection of Healthcare Talent

Jean Accius

SVP, Global Thought Leadership 


Rhiannon Iorio

Market Operations Lead, Virtual Care

CityBlock Health 

Jess B

Nurse & NFL All-Pro Cheer '19

MedStar Health