HLTH's CEO Gave us a Check and We Gave it Away 🤷🏾‍♀️

We think events, and membership clubs, should be about DOING not about talking (although there has to be a fair amount of that too). So, when the HLTH Foundation put money toward our cause we went out into the Vegas community and put it toward Housing, Healthy Food, and Women's Health. No wonder their CEO called us "The Next Generation of Health Innovators". 

We Started Out Trying to Find More Fulfilling Healthcare Careers, and Ended up Starting a Social Movement for Good. 

The internet is wild. 


Grad School: "The Health Care System is broken."

1st Health Care Career: "Do what we've done the last 20 years but with less people and less resources". 

Us: "Wait, What?"


We held our 1st "Road Trip" healthcare meet-up in Danville, PA while Administrative Fellows at Geisinger to find ways to make a bigger impact. 

1,000's have now participated in partnership Road Trips for social change. 


Young Health Leader Summit was created around 1st-of-its-kind 24-hour Community Impact Competition, actually giving attendees cash and putting them into local communities to compete for "Good". 

Official LLC and 501c3 created 2018. 

Earliest Members Love Us

Traci Bentley

Vice President, Client Services


"With the challenges endemic to our industry, it's easy to become focused on our own sector or silo and become content with small incremental change. The Advancement League provides a venue fortrue collaboration- with the only requirements being curiosity, creativity and the willingness to challenge each other and the status quo.

My first Advancement League event was 3 or 4 years ago now. I still regularly connect with people that I met to brainstorm, share opportunities and seek guidance and insight from those with a different perspective. It is the only professional society or organization that enables participants to connect at such a level."